Mind Mapping Tool for Visual Learners

Brainstorm, Organize and Present Ideas and Concepts

For students, professors and educational institutions.

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What is it?

iMindQ is a software tool for planning, organizing and presenting ideas. It visually represents a central topic and its relationship(s) to related themes and concepts.

Who is using it?

Academic and Educational institutions, Students, Teachers and Professors.

Why consider?

New learning approach with emphasis on productivity and creativity

Improving critical thinking

Improving reading and writing skills

Great for solving problems, planning, analysis and decision making

Mind Map Templates

Everything starts with an idea.

Create your own or use one of the many mind mapping templates created with iMindQ.

Master a subject

Exam preparation

Exam preparation

Course preparation

Course preparationd

Learning languages

Learning Languages

English language

English Language

Lecture preparation

Lecture Preparation


Brainstorming mind map

Note taking

Calendar mind map

To do list

To-Do List Mind Map


Chemistry mind map

Daily lessons

Human brain mind map

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

Client testimonials

Stromness Academy

Better Memorization for Students

See why iMindQ is the best solution to play back structure of design compared with other mind mapping software. Mr. Eddie Sinclair is sharing his opinion.


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USN University Norway

Improve Learning with Notes taking

See why iMindQ is the best solution for eveyday study note taking during student days. See what Richard Krogstad has to say on the topic.


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Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Better Guidance with Mind Mapping

Kelsang Sherab is a Resident Teacher at Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centre. Learn more about managing, organizing and accomplishing all aspects of his job.


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