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Create mind maps, concept maps and flowcharts 

iMindQ is a mind mapping software that offers an immense flexibility and freedom in structuring information that exceeds the core mind mapping principle. You can create various maps and diagrams according to your needs, such as: organic mind mapsconcept mapsflowcharts, WBS charts, organizational charts and other diagrams.


Share your ideas with interactive HTML mind maps

You can present and share ideas with everyone, through Interactve HTML mind maps. The interactive mind maps can be opened and edited in any browser, without the need to have iMindQ installed. You can use interactive mindmaps to boost your creativity and collaborate on the creation of innovative ideas that can be presented to the world.


Enrich your ideas with elements from the Research panel

Save a lot of time and effort in gathering research data from the internet and increase the value of information in your idea maps with the inclusion of data from the Research Panel. You can enrich topics by inserting quotes, definitions, latest tweets and graphics in the topics and subtopics of your mind maps, concept maps and flowchart diagrams.

Open and use mind maps created with other mind mapping tools: FreeMind (.mm), XMind (.xmind) and MindManager - Mindjet (.mmap, .xmap). You can also import and export content from your mind maps with OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) format.


Over 250.000 users worldwide have chosen iMindQ as their mind mapping tool:

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