Great Improvement in Organizational, Communicational and Planning Processes

The Boy Scouts of America have a prescribed yearly program that focuses on the areas of advancement, outdoor program, recognition, recruitment, and fund raising. As the District Chairman, Mr. Charles Teague is working with his committee chairs, and begin to map out the activities that will be conducted during the traditional Scouting year (August through June). A Boy Scout District is the lowest level at which group planning usually occurs. In conducting a “District Planning Conference” there are many areas that must be considered as part of a yearly program. By using iMindQ, “I am able to first visualize all the areas that would have to be considered in the conference session. Visualizing down to a specific event is possible as the mind map is built-out. I can also include hyperlinks and embed documents that would further emphasize a particular area for more detail discussion.

The Problem

As the plan moves into the implementation phase for the year beginning in August, the project management aspect will become important. The key dates and event planning can be captured using iMindQ functionality. The last part that will be at the end of the year, it will be possible review the outcome of the year based on what was planned and changes for the next year. “Using iMindQ, I am able to also work with the product on a computer projector, and with the volunteer members discuss each aspect in more detail. Visualizing ideas and then being allowed to move quickly into the detail with embedded documents or hyperlinks on the mind map is extremely useful.

The Solution

I identified iMindQ as a solution for planning a year-long program for the Boy Scout District for which I am chairman. iMindQ offered an easy way to quickly develop ideas (topics) and look at relationships in a visual manner; it is very difficult to look at interactions using a traditional outline or project plan. “ “When participating in a meeting, it is useful to use visuals to illustrate the point and see how information or idea development flow. Using iMindQ, the visual is actually the mind map and the detail words: document or spreadsheet can easily be hyperlinked or embedded. “ By using a mind map, the ease of working with the software made the plan development go quickly. From my initial ideas, I then could work with the committee chairs in my district to do further idea development. The other aspect that is import with iMindQ is that I didn’t necessarily have to rely on a personal computer; I had iMindQ on my iPad which made it easier to stand and present the topic.

The Outcome

iMindQ is used to improve the planning process for district events. The functionality of the product allows for easy idea development and relationship development. The ability to go from my MacBook Pro to iPad with the product was a nice aspect of the product. iMindQ helps to facilitate discussion and does lend itself to better team interaction. Mind mapping in general has not a wide acceptance in business as we are still very structured in how communication occurs. Currently, I am exploring the project management aspects of iMindQ. The website has a tremendous amount of information on how to use the product and I want to try out this functionality.