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We are glad that you have shown an interest to write a guest post on iMindQ blog. We are always looking for passionate writers who want to share high quality and engaging content with our readers. With 6,000 e-mail subscribers and more than 20,000 visits per month, iMindQ is a great opportunity for you to show your expertise in front of readers who are creatively minded, and want to expand their knowledge and skills in the areas of mind mapping, brainstorming, and strategic thinking. iMindQ blog provides you the chance to get in front of that network and share your thoughts, viewpoints, and ideas. To submit a guest post on our blog at no charge, we encourage you to review the following guidelines for contributors in order to compose a successful guest blog.


iMindQ blog covers a wide range of topics. The following is a list of categories from which you can choose to write about:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Learning and Education
  • Collaboration

Aside from these topics, we accept new and fresh ideas; however, these should be in line with our main brand idea. If you want to explore a new idea of a blog post related to Mind Mapping, please send us an e-mail, with details of what would be the blog post about.


Our readers value well-research content just like any other reader, and just as same as you do. Double check your resources and submit content that contains well-researched data, supported by facts and arguments.

Only blog posts that are relevant and authentic are shared on our social media profiles multiple times through the year. Therefore, if you follow this guide you can be sure that your content will be placed in front of the right audience and it will get continuous streams of traffic all the time. A content that is supported with iMindQ mind maps is treated as a goldstone and featured in its appropriate category for a long time.


We accept guest content that is only 100% unique. We regularly check submitted guest posts through a plagiarism checker; therefore, if your content is not original we will reject it.

You can include ‘quotes’ in your blog post, however, you should also link them to their appropriate sources.

Tone of Voice

User-friendly, conversational, and simple to understand content is what we ask from you as a contributor. It is your content, so we expect to write in first and/or second person. The third person writing is not recommended unless you have a reason for that.

Length and Formatting

Your article should contain more than 1500 words and it should be concise and compact. We encourage you to use an active instead of passive voice in your writing and shorter, easily readable sentences.

The blog posts should be easy to consume, therefore, we advise you to break up the content into paragraphs defined by headings (H2, H3). You can add a massive value to your post by adding headings and subheading.


Visuals are known for engaging the audience to read your content. You can include them in your blog post as a tool to make your content exciting. Support your content with images, videos or infographics that will attract our readers.

Include images that are only under CC0 1.0 Universal - Public Domain. Provide us with the appropriate source and attribution for every image, video or infographic that you want to include in your blog post; otherwise, we reserve the right to use our own visuals in your content.


The web is composed of tons of content that is interconnected, so links are fundamental elements and part of any web page on the Internet. That does not mean that every link is a good link, especially these days when spamming becomes a practice.

We allow links within the content you write only if they are not promotional and point to relevant and credible sources that will complement user’s knowledge about a specific topic.

Our editors reserve the right to remove your links if they determine abusive and manipulative tactics for gaming search engines or directing visitors to promotional sources.


The blog posts you submit to us must be unique and exclusive. We do not support resubmitting of the content to other websites and blogs. When submitting a content to us you are agreeing to give your content to become a property of iMindQ.

Proofreading and Editing

The blog post you submit should be written in easily readable and understandable English. Our editors reserve the right to proofread and edit your submitted content for any language-related errors.

Author Bio and Image

Author bio and image are an ideal way to connect with our readers. Along with your first blog post, submit a short Bio of yourself (100-200 words). If you write in the name of a company, again submit a short Bio of the particular company.

Examples of great guest articles

In order to get a common sense about what we ask from our guest contributors, here are examples of well-written blog posts based on a good research.

Are you ready to join our growing network of contributors?

Send us your content ideas at contact@imindq.com and one of our editors will contact you within 24 hours.

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