Case Studies

iMindQ is making success stories all over the world, in different industries and diverse cases. Read what people have to say about iMindQ mind mapping software.

Improving Project Management

After realizing their need for mind mapping software, Optus implemented iMindQ for its ease of deployment, friendly user interface and useful features to various teams across the company.

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Simco Ion Technology Group

Effective Presentation of Complex Information

With iMindQ, Mr. Mark Hogset experienced significant improvements during his presentations including more focused participants, the ability to collect feedback immediately and increased interaction with his audience.

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Max Patry

Intuitive Way to Organize Information

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iMindQ helped Max Patry, an independent coach specialized in educational working methods to conduct his brainstorming sessions, and coaching classes, while communicating and presenting ideas.

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Resolved Conflicts in Business Relationships

Mediation can also be a tricky process; the outcome is not guaranteed, and parties usually have to deal with a fuzzy mix of business and individual interests. See how iMindQ helped Contrasticon B.V to overcome these issues.

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Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Better Guidance With Mind Mapping

Kelsang Sherab is a Resident Teacher at Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centre. Learn more about the usage of mind maps in the center, when dealing with responsibilities of managing, organizing and accomplishing all aspects of his job.

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Boy Scouts of America

Improved organization and planning processes

The Boy Scouts of America have a prescribed yearly program that focuses on the areas of advancement, outdoor program, recognition, recruitment, and fund raising. ImindQ has improved these processes.

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Flexible, Intuitive and Powerful Solution

See how iMindQ offered advanced integration with other business applications, like Microsoft Office suite at, department of Ideas Proyectos y Soluciones, s.l., located in Madrid, Spain.

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A2B Conceil

Display Dynamic Content and Plan Projects

iMindQ is highly efficient mind mapping tool and improved organization and control at A2B Conceil, a French company focused mainly on consulting and training services.

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Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

Strategizing and Presenting Complex Ideas

See how mind mapping with iMindQ helped Mr. Rasmus Seah sort his thoughts and even communicate his ideas better, as well as gain greater organizational improvements and speed up his note taking.

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Next Generation Solution

Easy Tracking of Project Completion Status

With iMindQ, Next Generation Solutions GmbH achieved a higher level of competency and have satisfied customers now. See how the mind mapping solution helped them.

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ATYC Consultores

Facilitated Visual Planning and Teamwork

With iMindQ, people from ATYC Consultores managed to improve their ability to promptly respond to the daily management tasks by being more strategically focused, but without losing the tactical.

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Saieva Co

Presenting Workflows With Flowcharts

iMindQ helped Mr. Frank Saieva to establish a solid organizational backbone of all the major processes within the company and focus the platform’s operations towards achieving the projects on time.

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Stromness Academy

Better Presentation and Memorization for Students

See why iMindQ is the best solution to play back structure of design compared with other mind mapping software. Mr. Eddie Sinclair is sharing his opinion.

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USN University Norway

Better Presentation and Memorization for Students

See why iMindQ is the best solution study note taking during student days. See what Richard Krogstad has to say on the topic.

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