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Published on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Where to Find Motivation for Students During Exams


Exam time is never considered a fun time even by straight A students. Lack of motivation hence becomes a significant setback for a majority of them. Students need to be motivated for them to excel in their exams. An astonishing survey revealed that the leading cause of students failure, whether in classwork or during exam time was motivation. 40% of these students tend to be less active in schools. Many feel like they have already failed the exams hence they tend to lose focus. Because of these frustrations, they tend to lock themselves away during this period. They should know that there is no need to lock themselves away, human contact is essential at this time. So what are some of the ways which can help to boost their concentration?

In Motivational Quotes

The purpose of these quotes is to help people, in general, to believe in themselves and that they can achieve the impossible. This is a great tool that you can use to motivate students. There are plenty of motivational quotes which may help to lift their spirits during exam time. Sometimes, all they need is a great quote from their favorite actor or actress. Some motivational quotes will automatically bring their focus back. “When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, then you will be successful” That is a favorite quote to students since it makes them only focus on their exams which in turn yields results.”

Study Buddy

There is an excellent power while working as a team. Two heads are always better than one. This will help students to remain motivated. They will be able to motivate each other during and after an exam. It is rare to have two students or a group of students all lacking motivation. Studying with a partner or as a group is a great way to increase your drive. The advantage of a study buddy is that they may be able to assist each other in areas where they face challenges. Encourage them to set goals as a team.


Here are a few ways a study buddy can motivate students:

  • They can create an element of competition during exam time. They can compete to see who will come out with the best grade and whoever wins gets a reward.
  • They can quiz each other on possible topics that may be in the exams, that way; they will even look forward to the test.
  • Comparing notes is another motivational thing that they can both do together. There may be an essential point that either of them had missed in class, but by sharing their notes, they will both stay ahead of course.
  • They can engage themselves in mini-debates. One can play the devil’s advocate while the other tries to argue the point. This is hugely beneficial since they will be able to tackle the exam in whichever form it may be set up in.

In Rewarding Themselves

Everybody loves rewards, even if it’s just rewarding yourself. It may so happen that this is the most significant motivation that students may need. How it works is for them to set goals for themselves, they should then decide on which reward will best suit the accomplished purpose.

Having Positive Thoughts


This is not a lesson taught in class. Some students happen to fail when it comes to having a positive outlook on exams and life in general. Some may be worried that it is exam time and they have not prepared enough. What will I do if I fail? Such negative thoughts tend to kill their motivation completely. Start teaching them on how to have a positive mindset. What if you pass? What if you are the top in your class? People underestimate the power of positive thoughts. Students should be taught this on the daily.

They Should Stay Focused on Their Priorities

This can never get taught enough. Life is all about priorities. You should learn how to prioritize your projects. If it is exam time, this is not the time for them to catch up with their friends or go to parties. Granted that they can do anything that they want, prioritizing is a lesson they should learn. Things that motivate them to excel in their exams should be their primary focus. All students should remember all consequences fall on them once they fail.


Exercise is a great place to find motivation for students. During their exams, it may be hard for them to squeeze in a full work out at the gym. They should, therefore, take advantage of the little time that they get to hit the gym. Sitting down in one place for an extended period is known to make one feel tired and unmotivated. A good work out boosts blood flow to the brain. This will increase their productivity during their examination. Whatever activity that you decide on, make sure that it can keep your blood flowing.

Great Preparation

If you are planning to win a fierce battle, you have to go in prepared. The same case goes for the exams that students take. Nothing can motivate them more than an excellent preparation. Knowing what to expect in the test, will help them stay focused. They should also study ahead of time, have enough sleep, eat a healthy breakfast before their day begins and carry all the necessary tools that they require during exam time.

Professional Help


Knowing your students is vital. If you notice that you have a mental roadblock; you should know that it’s okay to seek professional help. Do not despair, what may start off as a small problem to a student may end up becoming a big issue. You can talk to the school's advisor who will assist them to have their drive back. Their lack of motivation may be related to other more prominent underlying issues. Make sure to follow up on them.

Look at Different Places

Check out this lecture preparations plan mind map

Maybe it is the notes that they took during class that is making them unmotivated. Another way to find motivation for them is by looking for other avenues to increase their knowledge. Things like radio and podcasts are more than entertainment. Did you know that students can revise on American History by listening to a podcast on iTunes? Yes, it is possible! You can also encourage them to research outside of their course, e.g., satire topics and by learning new exciting facts may help them to boost their grades.

Seek Support from Loved Ones

Reliable support and encouragement from family and friends may go a long way to motivate students. Nothing can motive a student more than family and friends. It is essential to ensure that they have a great support system. It can only be logical to assume that no one understands you better than your family members. Since you also want to make them proud, you’ll obviously ensure that you stay focused because your win is their win too.


Many students would like to sit with a clear mind as they start their exams. It’s thus such a powerless feeling for them when they can’t think straight. From the above factors, you should be able to motivate them during exams time. Taking into consideration that students are all wired differently, these factors may not work for all of them. The key is to find what creates a spark in them as individuals. Did we miss an essential motivational tool for students? What motivates you?


About the author:

Alice Jones is a tutor & high skilled web content writer. Love sharing tips and stories about education, management, and marketing. She studied Arts in English at the University of New Orleans. She likes to read different book genres, to attend refresher training and various personal development courses. Connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.




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