Why do we need to plan?

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Why do we need to plan out our work?  Isn’t it easier to just do what seems most important today, then move on to what seems to be the next most important task, and so on and so on?  Raise your hand if you do this even when you are being organized and...

iMindQ for Android is HERE

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The first version of iMindQ for Android is HERE. Our aim to support users’ requirements and create iMindQ the leading mind mapping software for businesses, covering most used platforms  (Windows, Mac, Web, iOS and Android) becomes a reality.  We are delighted...

The future of work - Companies: How not to vanish!

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What do these companies have in common: Amoco (oil), Bethlehem Steel (steel), Compaq (computers), Saab (cars), Lehman Brothers (investments), PanAm (air carrier), F.W. Woolworth (retailer), Polaroid (instant film)? Well they all vanished. Disappeared. You will know many...

Three Project Management Myths You Should Ignore

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There is no one-way route in project management. The ideas and strategies you hold dear to your heart, might not mean a dime to someone else who is managing a project. This means that you should find a balance between what works and what the so-called experts had advised...

Business Development and the Project Manager

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What does business development mean to you?  Let’s look at the definition of business development.  Wikipedia says that business development comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities between...

4 Leadership Qualities You Need To Develop

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Do you have unique leadership qualities? The purpose of being a leader is to lead a purposeful life and impact the same to others. It doesn’t matter the size of your business, always remember that prospects and customers are expecting you to guide them: give...

Leading and Managing: Two essential skills

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I thought long and hard about the title of this article. I wanted to call it “Two essential skills for business leaders” but that did not sound right when it is about managing as well. So I considered “Two essential skills for senior managers” but that...

From Idea to Action

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If you are buried in volumes of information, overwhelmed by complex issues, or simply want to improve your and your organization’s creativity, the path to success may already be hidden in your mind. A simple yet profound tool, idea mapping (also known as mind mapping)...

5 Steps For Dealing With Information Overload

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Dealing with information overload is something that many managers and leaders struggle with. There is just so much data involved in doing our jobs. Sometimes it feels impossible to stay on top of everything. These 5 steps will help you manage the overload by streamlining what...

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