From Idea to Action

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If you are buried in volumes of information, overwhelmed by complex issues, or simply want to improve your and your organization’s creativity, the path to success may already be hidden in your mind. A simple yet profound tool, idea mapping (also known as mind mapping)...

5 Steps For Dealing With Information Overload

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Dealing with information overload is something that many managers and leaders struggle with. There is just so much data involved in doing our jobs. Sometimes it feels impossible to stay on top of everything. These 5 steps will help you manage the overload by streamlining what...

How Small Businesses Can Innovate and Expand

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Are you ready to innovate? Innovation is one of the easiest ways to discover new opportunities that can help you gain traction, both online and offline. Did you know that being in a small business does not mean you should remain small? In fact, you can do bigger things not...

5 Tips To Boost Your Project’s Reputation

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When you mention the name of your project, do your colleagues sigh as if they are sorry for you? Do resources try to do anything but get assigned to work with you? As a project leader, you should be alert to these signs that your project’s reputation is suffering.

Successful & Strategic Project Planning

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The ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘who’ and ‘how’ in project management rely on planning within the organization. Not all project ideas turn into a real project or should become the effort that the organization puts forth. Not every...

How to build a business strategy

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Whether it’s the end of the year, the beginning of the year, or any point in between, there is never a better time than now to review your business strategy. It’s something that savvy executives do on a regular basis and can be prompted by a desire to check that...

How To Make Project Decisions

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Projects are full of decisions: everything from how are we going to deal with this huge risk down to what are we doing for our end of year celebration lunch. As the project manager, making a lot of these decisions will fall to you, with input from the others on the team and...

Want innovation? Get creative!

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Do you want to be more innovative? Innovation is essentially the process of making changes to the current status quo by introducing new products, ideas or ways of working. And to come up with new ideas you need to be creative. Fostering an environment where your team can...

iMindQ for iOS version 4.3 is released

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Happy to announce that iMindQ for iOS has a new version optimized for iOS 8 and brings several new features and app improvements. All iOS mind mappers will have the opportunity to use the cool new free background patterns and stylize their mind maps. iMindQ for iOS 4.3 now...

Mind-mapping and lawyers. Is it a good match?

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The 21st century with the technology advances it brings has brought a hectic lifestyle that no one is immune to. Lawyers are no exception. The many transactions and client info they need to store and keep organized at all times can create a pretty big mass of large amounts of...

iMindQ 6 – Smart and Innovative in Presentation!

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This October is full of surprises! iMindQ 6 is here with a new Smart and Innovative Presentation Mode which can transform your mind maps into remarkable one-click presentations and enables you to work on a tailor-made presentations for your concept maps, flow charts, WBS...

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