6 Ways to Make Better Business Decisions

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As someone who is responsible for making decisions that are crucial to the success of a business, a lot is riding on your shoulders. While this is no easy undertaking, it’s possible to avoid overcomplicating your situation by adhering to a clear approach when it comes...

How to Simplify Decision Making With Flowcharts

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Think of all the processes you run in your business every day. There are processes for handling customer queries, for initiating projects, for paying invoices and a lot more. In fact, every time you make a key decision about something to do with your organization you go...

10 Best Business Writing Tools for Entrepreneurs

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When you have an entire business on your back, the last thing on your mind would be improving your writing skills. However, you mustn’t neglect the importance of written expression; it enables you to communicate with your partners and clients successfully. In addition,...

About spiders, starfish and sharks

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Do you want to get rich? Well, this is the way to do it. Create a metaphor (it better be a good one of course). Apply it to businesses, Write a book about it. If you have a good metaphor, it will sell hundreds of thousands. Give workshops. You’re...

How to Strategically Build Employee Engagement

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Research shows that employee engagement is relatively steady at about 30%. While the Gallup figures are interesting, what’s more interesting is how that has an impact on your workforce. In this article, I want to talk about what engagement is, why it matters,...

12 Motivation Killers That Hinder Your Success

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Whether you are an intern or a new member of the workforce, transitioning from school to work takes some time to get used to. You are still trying to figure things out, but at the same time, you need to adjust to different demands in a different setting. It can be very...

The One Option All Your Decisions Should Consider

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Getting to a decision normally includes coming up with loads of ideas in a creative session and choosing a number of options before agreeing on a final way forward. If the decision is important and relates to strategy, then this activity could take some time. It’s...

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