Government & SME: Can it be better?

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The UK Government has pledged to use the services of more SMEs for the delivery of major projects. In moves welcomed by the SME community, the stranglehold of the major providers has been reduced, giving rise to highly successful initiatives — like the cloud computing...

Business Trend 2016: Make your Company more Agile

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Tell me, would you know the answer to the following question? How many people are freelancing in your country? In the Netherlands (my homeland), there are nearly one million freelancers. That’s roughly 14 % of the Dutch workforce. According to a survey conducted by...

How to Become a Productive Entrepreneur

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Sophisticated entrepreneurs would agree that building a business is a hard thing to do. It costs not only time but effort as well. Over the years, your business productivity decreases. It might be hard to stay motivated and inspired to achieve better results.  However,...

The New Mind Mapper’s Dilemma

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So, you’ve just discovered Mind Mapping. You may have been on a course, a workshop, read a book, or watched an online video on the marvels of Mind Mapping.    You think Mind Maps are going to change your world and your life. You tell everybody around...

6 Ways to Make Better Business Decisions

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As someone who is responsible for making decisions that are crucial to the success of a business, a lot is riding on your shoulders. While this is no easy undertaking, it’s possible to avoid overcomplicating your situation by adhering to a clear approach when it comes...

How to Simplify Decision Making With Flowcharts

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Think of all the processes you run in your business every day. There are processes for handling customer queries, for initiating projects, for paying invoices and a lot more. In fact, every time you make a key decision about something to do with your organization you go...

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