Get the owner mentality into you company

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As an interim communications/marketing manager, I have a mantra that I frequently use in the companies that hire me. When a member of the team advises, for example, a campaign that is expensive and from previous efforts we know it is not very effective, I react: "If...

3 Gantt Chart Alternatives

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Ask a project manager what’s going on with their project and they will probably pull up a Gantt chart to show you. A Gantt chart (named after Henry Gantt who introduced the idea) is made up of horizontal bars visually representing task durations. The longer the task,...

5 Task List Fails to Avoid

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Whether you’re managing a multi-million dollar project or planning out what needs to be done for a visit during the holidays, the chances are you work with task lists. Whether you call them To Do lists, activity lists or something else, you’re probably familiar...

10 Problems All Startups Face

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Being a start-up comes with all kinds of opportunities that other, more established companies may not have access to. However, it also comes with its own challenges and obstacles to success. Here are ten of the biggest problems your start up may face, and how to avoid...

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