Published on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Motivation In Action: How Motivation Can Make Employees More Productive [Part 2]

Motivated employees can truly make all the difference. It is important for employers and managers to know what exactly does their team need, what their concerns are and what drives them to go further in order to make more productive team members. No two employees are the same and good leaders know how to deal with every kind of personality, insecurity, and ego. Be more personable in motivating your team and strike a balance between achieving company targets and keeping employees happy.

Sense of accountability

Accountability is what keeps everyone on their toes. Giving your team something to be accountable for makes them feel like they are invested in a company. If managers encourage team members to take responsibility, employees become more willing to navigate potential obstacles and they feel the importance of getting things done.
Rewards are important

Rewards and incentives put value on achievement. They energize progress by making employees realize that they have to earn it. If you are working with teams, having a team reward system is encouraged. This is a way to keep a team motivated on reinforcing "team goals." This is also a great way to demonstrate that teams win and lose together.
Surprise with treats

There are a lot of inexpensive ways to keep employees motivated and make your team more productive, happy, and engaged. One great idea is surprising them with lunches or snacks. One study showed that 46% of employees feel appreciated with unexpected treats from leaders or managers. Company-sponsored activities and events are also preferred by many.
Reiterate purpose 

Shared goals and common objectives keep a company on track. Always assure your team that all their hard work is contributing to the company's goals and purpose. Constantly reminding your employees why your company started out in the first place keeps them focused and on target.
You are no Big Brother

It is okay to stay plugged in with what's happening with your team but as a manager, you should also know how to trust that they are doing their jobs well. Among the tips on building on a team’s productivity is to resist the urge to constantly look over someone's shoulder all the time. Resist the urge to micromanage. Remember that freedom can unlock creativity and productivity.

Keep everyone involved

Encourage your team to get involved and stay in the loop. A team that feels they are a part of something bigger than themselves are inclined to find more meaning in their work. Employees are inspired and motivated when they are involved with the plans of the company, making them feel part of growth and success.
Responsibility to build

One way to add value to the work that teams do is by giving them responsibility and room to grow. Switch Communications CEO and Founder Craig Walker suggests that managers should not "overbuild" when building a team. Give them work to do and opportunities to push themselves more.
Keep them happy

An article from the Harvard Business Review stated that the level of happiness has profound impact in creativity and productivity of workers. When employees are unhappy, they don't show up consistently and produce less quality work as revealed in a recent well-being index. This also means losses for the company. Other than reward and benefits, employees need nourishing personal relationships in a social workplace and find meaning in the work that they do.

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