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Building a Content Marketing Plan – Find the Right Diagram for Your Enterprise

Rick Riddle posted on 1 December 2015

What are you trying to do with your content marketing plan? If you are clear on your goals, then you are ready to actually begin. And that beginning is in the design of a content marketing strategy with a well-organized plan and very specific steps that you will follow, to ensure that you are:

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How to do a SWOT Analysis

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 3 July 2015

A SWOT analysis is a way to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats inherent in your business, project or team. It’s a good way to start a strategy session as it opens up plenty of discussion and prompts you and your team to think creatively about the types of challenges facing the organization.

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5 Practices for Delivering Strategic Change

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 9 March 2015

Companies that are good at organizational change management complete twice as many strategic initiatives that meet their original time, budget and content goals.
The study, called Enabling Organizational Change through Strategic Initiatives, from PMI, shows that if you are good at change management, your organization will:

· Meet the goals of strategic initiatives 65% of the time
· Complete strategic initiatives on time 64% of the time
· Complete strategic initiatives on budget 63% of the time.

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Pre-Requisites for Delivering Your Strategy to Success

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 17 February 2015

Your strategy for the year is set – now you have to deliver on your commitments. Research from PMI shows that nearly one in five businesses doesn’t have the capability to implement its strategic initiatives effectively. Only 18% of companies are highly effective at managing the change required to deliver strategy, and another 18% are minimally effective. The rest fall somewhere in the middle.
Having spent time designing and developing your corporate strategy, you don’t want to be one of those organizations who can’t get results. Successful strategy implementation is important for gaining an advantage over competitors, cost reduction and a host of other things that help move your company forward through the year.

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From Idea to Action

Jamie Nast posted on 19 January 2015

If you are buried in volumes of information, overwhelmed by complex issues, or simply want to improve your and your organization’s creativity, the path to success may already be hidden in your mind. A simple yet profound tool, idea mapping uses visual association to help people more competently plan, organize, communicate, remember, innovate, and learn.

When a client asked Clarity Creative Group in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help introduce its new microprocessor architecture to the market, Partner and Executive Art Director Gregg Stokes and his team used a simple tool to reach a high-tech destination — they drew a map and followed it.

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Strategically Planning Our Projects

Brad Egeland posted on 22 December 2014
The what, why, how and who we do in project management relies on planning within the organization.  Not every proposed project should be a project.  Not every proposed project should become effort that our organization puts forth.  Not every proposed project is worth the money that it would require.  And not every proposed project makes sense for what our organization is trying to accomplish this year or ever.

What I’m talking about is planning strategically what work we should be doing going forward to make sure that we are spending money properly and in accordance with the goals and plans of our organization.  Strategic planning.  Without it, we are just doing whatever is next on our plate and that’s a bad way to go about doing business.  So what do we need to do?  Here are my top 5 for planning strategically what we will do and when…

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