How To Use Lessons Learned To Avoid Project Failure

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 19 December 2017

Using lesson lerned can help in avoiding failureThere’s often a specific review point at the end of a stage or phase, or the end of the project overall, especially for lessons learning, and yet many team leaders don’t do it. Why? Because sometimes it is a difficult task to do, or they don’t have time for doing it.

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How To Prioritize Your Projects

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 6 November 2017

How to prioritize your projectsWhether you are working on a big or small project, or simply trying to organize your personal priorities on your To Do list, a mind map is a great way to structure your thoughts.

In this article, we will look at a simple framework for prioritizing your projects across an entire business portfolio.

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5 Unusual Uses for Mindmaps

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 13 October 2017

Unusual Uses of Mind MapsMindmaps are great for facilitated workshops, creativity sessions, brain dumps and all that – I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that they are one of the top tools for organizing your thoughts in a business setting.

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5 Ways to Define Project Objectives

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 24 March 2017

Ways to Define Project Objectives

What is projects objectives definition and does your project have clear objectives? These should be written into the business case and Project Charter. Defining “project objectives” is crucial in order to know what it is you are trying to achieve and whether you are on track to get there or not.

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3 Gantt Chart Alternatives

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 13 February 2017

Alternatives to Ghantt chartsAsk a project manager what’s going on with their project and they will probably pull up a Gantt chart to show you.

A Gantt chart (named after Henry Gantt who introduced the idea) is made up of horizontal bars visually representing task durations. The longer the task, the longer the bar. The dates are at the top so you can quickly see when work is due to happen.

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5 Task List Fails to Avoid

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 28 December 2016

Task list fails to avoid when putting together your own list of essential activitiesWhether you’re managing a multi-million dollar project or planning out what needs to be done for a visit during the holidays, the chances are you work with task lists. Whether you call them To Do lists, activity lists or something else, you’re probably familiar with using them at work and in your personal life.

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5 tips for keeping your virtual team on track

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 25 November 2016

Keeping your virtual team on track can be a big challengeFlexible working, off-shore resources and virtual teams mean that today’s managers spend more time not sitting with their team members.

There’s a degree of trust involved when you can’t see what your virtual colleagues are doing. Are they prioritizing the right tasks? Are they going to get the work completed on time?

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6 Problems Project Managers Usually Deal With

Alma Causey posted on 7 October 2016

Which are the biggest managers problemsManaging a project is a very serious job and when we think of the term Project Management, it always sounds very technical and challenging. To run or manage a project, you are required to plan, initiate, implement and monitor the progress of a team to achieve goals.

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The most common causes of project failure and how to avoid them

Monique Craig posted on 29 December 2015

Common causes of project failuresEven though every project is in its essence unique, it can still fail due to some common causes of failure that it shares with other types of projects. Although a project failure is not something to be happy about, the fact that many of them fail because of the same mistakes is actually beneficial, as it helps managers to understand the potential issues and be proactive in avoiding these problems. Here are the most common causes of project failure and tips on how to avoid them.

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Why do we need to plan?

Brad Egeland posted on 17 March 2015

Failing to plan is planning to failWhy do we need to plan out our work?  Isn’t it easier to just do what seems most important today, then move on to what seems to be the next most important task, and so on and so on?  Raise your hand if you do this even when you are being organized and following a plan.  I know I do.  We all do – it’s in our nature.  I’m all for not multi-tasking too much.  I think it’s counterproductive much of the time.  So I’m a firm believer in figuring out what is most critical now and do it, then move to the next task. 

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Three Project Management Myths You Should Ignore

Michael Chibuzor posted on 24 February 2015

PM myths that influence productivity and team dynamicsThere is no one-way route in project management. The ideas and strategies you hold dear to your heart, might not mean a dime to someone else who is managing a project. This means that you should find a balance between what works and what the so-called experts had advised ‘us’ to follow.

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5 Tips To Boost Your Project’s Reputation

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 29 December 2014

You can’t buy a good reputation; you must earn itWhen you mention the name of your project, do your colleagues sigh as if they are sorry for you? Do resources try to do anything but get assigned to work with you? As a project leader, you should be alert to these signs that your project’s reputation is suffering.

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Successful & Strategic Project Planning

Brad Egeland posted on 22 December 2014

A goal without a plan is just a wishThe ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘who’ and ‘how’ in project management rely on planning within the organization. Not all project ideas turn into a real project or should become the effort that the organization puts forth. Not every proposed project is worth the money it requires.  And not every proposed project makes sense for what our organization is trying to accomplish this year or in the future in general.

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How To Make Project Decisions

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 15 December 2014

How to make project decisionsProjects are full of decisions: everything from how are we going to deal with this huge risk down to what are we doing for our end of year celebration lunch. As the project manager, making a lot of these decisions will fall to you, with input from the others on the team and key stakeholder groups. Oh, wait. That’s pretty much everyone who has ever had anything to do with the project.

Decision making on projects is difficult because so many people have an opinion about the right thing to do. That’s why having a process for making decisions is really helpful, as it structures your thought processes and provides a fair and transparent framework for moving the project to the decision point. 

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