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3 Psychology Research Studies Regarding Mind Mapping

William Melton posted on 20 December 2017

There are plenty of authors that have researched mind mapping so let’s take a look at 3 of2 the authors and their respective research in this area.

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7 Ways to use Mind Maps in your Business Reports

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 28 June 2017

They say a picture tells a story better than words, and that definitely true at work too. Using mindmaps is a professional (and easy) way of introducing a visual element into your work.

There are lots of different types of reports that we are expected to do at work, and they all have the same aim of trying to make it easy to communicate something.

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How To Create Visual Blog Content With Mind Maps

Brenda Berg posted on 28 April 2017

Mind mapping isn't a new phenomenon, in fact, it's been around for at least 30 years already. However, it's a technique that's often underused in blogging. It's one of the best ways to get information across to your reader in a fun and easy to understand way. Here's how to create them, and how to use them when you're blogging.

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The novice guide to taking meeting notes with mind maps

Mark Ellis posted on 11 August 2016

For a long time, just like everyone else, I would take meeting notes with a piece of paper and a pen. As the meeting progressed, I’d note down quotes from others, promises on my behalf and anything that struck me as being important.

This presented two problems each and every time I did it...

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Mediation with the use of computer mindmapping

Joost Van Boeschoten posted on 22 June 2016

We are looking at a customer-supplier IT outsourcing relationship. Over the years many problems and irritations have escalated until a point where the customer finds it unacceptabel to continue as-is and suggests his supplier to engage an independent mediator to solve their disputes. Objective of the mediation is to continue the collaboration and prevent formal litigation.

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The New Mind Mapper’s Dilemma

Faizel Mohidin posted on 11 November 2015

So, you’ve just discovered Mind Mapping. You may have been on a course, a workshop, read a book, or watched an online video on the marvels of Mind Mapping. 

You think Mind Maps are going to change your world and your life.

You tell everybody around you about this wonderful new technique called Mind Mapping and how it works the way your brain works.


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The Beauty of Mind Mapping: 10 Ways to Use it in your eLearning Coursework

Jonathan Emmen posted on 9 October 2015

Mind mapping in educationMost of us understand the concept of mind-mapping. We think of a teacher at a white board with a topic in the middle and students volunteering ideas or suggestions that relate to that topic. This is a very popular teaching tool in elementary schools especially, as teachers try to give students practice in classification and organization. As students move into their high school years, mind mapping is not used as much.

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20 ways to advance your business by using mind mapping software

Chuck Frey posted on 20 May 2015

20 ways to advance your business using mind mapping softwareMind mapping software provides business executives and top managers with a unique set of visual modeling tools; thus also enabling them to easily manipulate information, knowledge and ideas. Having this in mind, an increasing number of savvy business people are incorporating this type of productivity tool for a huge number of applications, from which we enumerate the following...

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How mind mapping software can help you stay more competitive

Chuck Frey posted on 7 April 2015

Being successful today in any organization requires you to differentiate yourself, to separate yourself from the pack of people with similar backgrounds and career experience. To paraphrase the late Steve Jobs, you need to “think different.”

Using a mind mapping software can help you stand out and enjoy greater success, by introducing fresh and innovative ideas in your everyday activities. 


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