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Get the owner mentality into you company

Hans Buskes posted on 8 June 2017

As an interim communications / marketing manager I have a mantra that I frequently use in the companies that hire me. When a member of the team advices for example a campaign that is expensive and from previous efforts we know it is not very effective, I react: "If this was your own company, would you pay for that campaign?"

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The visual revolution is over

Hans Buskes posted on 17 January 2017

I read somewhere that by 2020 video will account for a staggering 75 % of mobile data traffic. Four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. When you open a newspaper, chances are you come across an infographic. Websites of newspapers use more and more interactive...

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What companies can learn from Movember

Hans Buskes posted on 4 November 2016

What Movember shows - and actually what companies can learn form it -is that having a great story, working for a good cause, building a strong brand (not just a fundraiser, but a foundation for men’s health), designing a creative campaign, inspiring a social movement will lead to great success. Movember is number 55 on the top 100 NGO’s in the world. 

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5 Ways to Unleash Creativity in Your Employees

Veronica Hunt posted on 14 October 2016

Do we actually need creativity at our workplace? It’s the most controversial topic I’ve ever faced in my blogging career. And when I asked my colleagues whether they knew any unusual ways to unleash creativity, most of them surprised me with these generalized phrases: ‘Creativity? It’s just a job. You come and do what you’re said to and that’s all.’ or ‘Creativity is for you, writers and designers, sales managers shouldn’t unleash anything’.

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Negotiations as the best tool in achieving your business goals

Tom Jager posted on 13 July 2016

Negotiation has become a very important part of every job. Whether you have to negotiate your way into successful employment or  you are about to make a million dollar deal – you will definitely have to know how this unusual activity called negotiation works and what steps need to be taken in order to win. As a matter of fact, negotiation is the only sport where you win only if your opponent wins as well. If you manage to achieve a win-win situation, you are a master negotiator.

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6 ways to prepare yourself for the leap into entrepreneurship

Mark Ellis posted on 7 July 2016

So, you’ve decided to branch out on your own and become an entrepreneur. That’s fantastic, but we’re going to start by reminding you that 90% of startups fail. A cruel way to open a helpful blog post? Far from it!

The reality of becoming an entrepreneur is very tough indeed. It requires seemingly endless amounts of your time, the ability to pick oneself up when knocked back and the odd bit of good fortune.

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Getting knocked down part of being in business

Hans Buskes posted on 7 June 2016

Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see. That’s one of the many quotes Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) delivered to the world. And like this one, many can be considered as sound business practice as well: if you are blind to what happens around you, you can’t be successful.

Muhammad Ali could take out a man with just one punch (I have borrowed and adapted this line from Bob Dylan), he had 37 knock-outs. To do this, Ali said, "you need to be aware of your surroundings and yourself." 

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The best way to communicate in a crisis

Hans Buskes posted on 22 April 2016

Although denying is the old school way of handling a crisis, still many companies, politicians and managers, fall back to this strategy. Check the examples in the mind map. Nestle India initially denying that there were safety issues with its popular Maggi Noodles. President Clinton denying that he had sex with intern Monica Lewinsky...

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Social Media Strategy: Determining the Content Your Audience Wants Most of All

Jonathan Emmen posted on 20 April 2016

You want to create and curate content that your audience wants to read and view. After all, that’s the content that is going to be shared, that is going to create engagement, that is going to increase your followers, and that is ultimately going to drive traffic to your website. This of course is what is going to improve your conversion rate. Creating content takes time, human resources, and technical resources.

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The Students' Guide to Mind Mapping

Rochelle Ceira posted on 30 March 2016

For years, students have been using mind maps as a tool for help in research. For its use of visual elements, mind mapping provides a graphic way to look at various aspects of a topic. This gives students a more detailed-oriented way for students to learn various facets of a subject.

How Mind Mapping Works?

Human mind has a tendency to process visual information quickly.

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5 Situations Where Social Media Promotion is Bad for You

Daniela McVicker posted on 24 February 2016

If you own a business, one of the first things that you will be told is to create a social media presence. In fact, one would think that it would be absolutely insane to do anything other than get as active on social media as possible, and to take advantage of all of the great social media promotion opportunities available. What many people ignore is... 

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How to Find Motivational Tips That Work With Your Temperament

Benedict Brychta posted on 10 February 2016

It’s pretty easy to find motivational advice. There are tons of books on the subject, and if you search the internet there are all sorts of blog posts and articles about it. As with any other topic, there is good motivational advice and bad motivational advice. However, just because the advice is good, doesn’t mean it is good advice for you. One of the major factors in determining whether or not motivational advice will work for you is to know more about...

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10 Tips for Staying Productive From Morning ‘til Night

Norman Arvidsson posted on 28 January 2016

What is the best way to stay productive from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night? If you research this question on the internet, you will find lots of advice about using specific productivity apps. You’ll also receive lots of links to self-help books, and overly simplified instructions on getting your life organized. Unfortunately, much of that advice will probably not be helpful.

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Business trend 2016: make your company more agile

Hans Buskes posted on 5 January 2016

Tell me, would you know the answer to the following question? How many people are freelancing in your country? In the Netherlands (my homeland) there are nearly one million freelancers. That’s roughly 14 % of the Dutch workforce. According to a survey conducted by the Freelancers Union in the US, almost 34% of the U.S. population is freelancing. It is a direct consequence of technology changes that offer ample opportunities for matching jobs to workers.

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5 Tips for Writing Speeches That Are Powerful and Inspirational

Julie Ellis posted on 7 December 2015

Chances are that you have listened to more speeches than you can count. Some of those speeches, hopefully, left you inspired and eager to take action. Unfortunately, many of those speeches likely left you bored, confused, or even irritated. It stands to reason that if you are taking on the task of writing and delivering a speech that you want your audience to also be inspired and that you want your audience to heed whatever your call to action is.

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