7 Steps to Fantastic Strategic Alignment

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 21 October 2016

Strategic alignment is one of the top management topicsI’m sure you’re aware of ‘strategic alignment’ as one of the top management topics at the moment. We are hearing about it everywhere. All it means is making sure you are doing the right work – business as usual and projects – to help you deliver your strategy. In other words, focus your efforts on the right activities.

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External Factors Affecting an Organisation – a Prompt List

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 29 September 2016

Understand better what influences your strategy

A prompt list is a shortcut to remembering certain items and today I’ve got a prompt list for you to help you understand the external context of your business strategy.

Whether your business is big or small, knowing where you are going is key to success, and your strategy is a big part of that.

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10 Problems All Startups Face

Mary Walton posted on 23 September 2016

Start-ups bring opportunities and risks

Being a start-up comes with all kinds of opportunities that other, more established companies may not have access to. However, it also comes with its own challenges and obstacles to success. Here are ten of the biggest problems your start up may face, and how to avoid them.

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How to Tempt Back Customers without Looking Desperate

Mark Ellis posted on 16 September 2016

Parting with your customers is never easyNo one likes long goodbyes, but quick goodbyes are often even harder to come to terms with - particularly when the person scarpering out of the door is a customer.

Customers come and go - that’s a fact of business - and it should never be assumed that the most loyal will hang around forever. That mindset only leads to complacency and, before you know it, long-standing clients will leave without so much as a parting wave or regretful glance over the shoulder.

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5 Simple Ways Your Start-Up Business Can Build Social Media Presence

Joan Selby posted on 25 August 2016

Grow your social media presenceWith over 2.307 Billion global social media users, it will be foolhardy for any business not to leverage this platform for maximum promotion.

Finally, there is a distribution channel that will allow you to reach a targeted global audience while interacting and engaging with them as well. At the same time, you get to glean insights about the demographics and buying patterns of your customer.

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Effective Steps in Planning a Negotiation

Elizabeth Harrin posted on 19 August 2016

For success you must have a negotiation plan

Are you about to go into a negotiation? Whether it’s discussing an employment package with a new employer or closing a deal with an existing supplier you’ll want to read these 5 steps to planning the best negotiation for you.

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Effective Recruiting Strategies for Small Businesses

Elaina Meiser posted on 19 July 2016

Small business recruitment strategiesA company is only as good as its employees. With such insight, businesses are always in the search for better talents. Many CEO’s know that continuous rejuvenation of the companies means continually searching for these new, young creative minds to uplift the organizations to higher scales. Small businesses without well-defined departments, however, may face a challenge in hiring and recruiting new staff.

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How Much Content You Need to Produce without Harming Brand Image

Anna Rodriguez posted on 18 March 2016

Content You Need to Produce without Harming Brand ImageContent marketing strategy is definitely integral to any company that is involved in digital marketing. There’s no sense in ranking high on search engines or owning a corner of web 2.0 when you have no information or ideas to share.  No one interacts with a shop sign. Nowadays, interaction is what leads to engagement, which leads to conversion.

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Deal with the Complexity of the Business Environment or Die

Hans Buskes posted on 8 March 2016

Mind map dealing with complexityCompanies are dying younger. This alarming fact can be found in the latest Harvard Business Review (January February 2016). HBR did research on the longevity of ± 30,000 public firms. The age of a company delisted in 1970 was almost 55 years. In 2010 the life span shrank to 31.6. The magazine concludes that "Public companies have a one in three chance of being delisted in the next five years". The main reason? It’s more and more difficult for companies to adapt to the growing complexity of their business environment that is often "harsher, less predictable and more malleable than classic environments". 

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Marketing Mind Map for Defining Your Strategy

Liam Hughes posted on 1 March 2016

Importance of defined marketing strategyIn the modern era of social media proliferation, online advertising, and increasingly competitive and global markets for businesses, the role of marketing (and marketing professionals) in helping to understand the business landscape, and defining key strategic plans is perhaps more important than ever before. See how mind maps can help you define and implement your marketing strategy.

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The Importance of Employee Selection in Achieving Business Success

Sonya Watts posted on 26 February 2016

Employees affect business successEvery businessman needs capable employees that can ensure the growth and prosperity of the company. Not all hires will work out, but you need to keep the number of wrong assessments at a minimum. They are costly and time-consuming mistakes, on top of being detrimental to the atmosphere within the company.  On the contrary, the right candidate can enhance the winning mentality across the board, boost the morale, and support forward thinking and planning processes. Separate the sheep from the goats, and do not hire someone just to put him out to the pasture a month later. Here are some things that should be taken into consideration.

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5 Customer-Centric Habits to Improve Your Strategy

Amy Cowen posted on 4 February 2016

Focus on the customers and add value to your companyNowadays companies have their fair share of competitors in the market. Chances are that these companies are also offering the same kind of product or service as their competition in one way or another. But what really sets certain brands of products and services apart from the others is the presence of good and reliable customer relations.

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Government & SME: Can it be better?

Tim Kempster posted on 12 January 2016

The UK Government has pledged to use the services of more SMEs for the delivery of major projects. In moves welcomed by the SME community, the stranglehold of the major providers has been reduced, giving rise to highly successful initiatives — like the cloud computing targeted G-Cloud — that level the playing field for smaller players.

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How To Choose A Professional Content Writer For Your Corporate Website

Julie Petersen posted on 22 December 2015

Choose your writer carefullyChoosing the right person to accurately convey your message is one of the most important decisions you will make for your company. It’s important to choose someone with significant skills, who truly understands your product and can write persuasively for sales purposes. This guide will outline important things to consider when selecting your writer and will also give you some suggestions where to find one.

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Get Rid of Your Doubts and Start a Business Blog

Rose Scott posted on 19 November 2015

how to start a businessBlogging is fun, but not every business owner is ready to launch a blog  right away. Those who have never run blogs think it’s too complicated and  are frightened of failure.

But look at the statistics: in 2013, HubSpot published a report on  inbound marketing. Seventy-nine percent of the  surveyed companies with  business  blogs reported a  positive ROI (return on investment) thanks to  inbound  marketing.

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