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How to Tempt Back Customers without Looking Desperate

Mark Ellis posted on 16 September 2016

Parting with your customers is never easyNo one likes long goodbyes, but quick goodbyes are often even harder to come to terms with - particularly when the person scarpering out of the door is a customer.

Customers come and go - that’s a fact of business - and it should never be assumed that the most loyal will hang around forever. That mindset only leads to complacency and, before you know it, long-standing clients will leave without so much as a parting wave or regretful glance over the shoulder.

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How to Take Meeting Notes with Mind Maps – the Novice Guide

Mark Ellis posted on 11 August 2016

Expect questions

For a long time, just like everyone else, I would take meeting notes with a piece of paper and a pen. As the meeting progressed, I’d note down quotes from others, promises on my behalf and anything that struck me as being important.

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6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Leap Into Entrepreneurship

Mark Ellis posted on 7 July 2016

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Leap Into EntrepreneurshipSo, you’ve decided to branch out on your own and become an entrepreneur. That’s fantastic, but we’re going to start by reminding you that 90% of startups fail. A cruel way to open a helpful blog post? Far from it!

The reality of becoming an entrepreneur is very tough indeed. It requires seemingly endless amounts of your time, the ability to pick oneself up when knocked back and the odd bit of good fortune.

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