5 Tips for Writing a Powerful and Inspirational Speech

Julie Ellis posted on 7 December 2015

Write and deliver a powerful speechChances are that you have listened to more speeches than you can count. Hopefully, some of those speeches left you inspired and eager to take action. Unfortunately, many of those speeches most likely left you bored, confused or even irritated. It makes sense that if you are taking on the task of writing and delivering a speech that you want your audience to be inspired and to heed whatever your call to action is.

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7 Daily Activities for Increasing Writing Inspiration

Julie Ellis posted on 16 September 2015

Keep Daily JournalWhat can you do to become a more inspired writer? The truth is, writing inspiration is the result of developing solid writing habits. You develop these habits on a daily basis by committing to certain activities each day. If you are ready to take your writing to a new level, keep reading. 

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