Social Media Strategy: Determining the Content Your Audience Wants Most of All

Jonathan Emmen posted on 20 April 2016

You want to create and curate content that your audience wants to read and view. After all, that’s the content that is going to be shared, that is going to create engagement, that is going to increase your followers, and that is ultimately going to drive traffic to your website. This of course is what is going to improve your conversion rate. Creating content takes time, human resources, and technical resources.

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The Beauty of Mind Mapping: 10 Ways to Use it in your eLearning Coursework

Jonathan Emmen posted on 9 October 2015

Mind mapping in educationMost of us understand the concept of mind-mapping. We think of a teacher at a white board with a topic in the middle and students volunteering ideas or suggestions that relate to that topic. This is a very popular teaching tool in elementary schools especially, as teachers try to give students practice in classification and organization. As students move into their high school years, mind mapping is not used as much.

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