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Make a team decision with Mind Mapping [Part 2]

Franco Masucci posted on 7 May 2015

team decisions with mind mappingLast, but not least is the part where we can elaborate more about Visual Tools. These are intended to aid you to view in real-time the status of decisions and give a global panorama to the team on the impact that their decisions will have on the whole project.

It is important to provide this visibility because it will consolidate a moral contract between the people who participated in the decision making process. It remains to choose your Visual indicators to visualize the decisions, and you can do this by using:

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Make a team decision with Mind Mapping [Part 1]

Franco Masucci posted on 30 April 2015

To make a successful business decision you need to clarify your processes and the collective tools that you will use to support the decision making process.
The installation of these tools and processes takes a bit of time, but only the first time. Then you will become much more efficient to make collective decision, gaining time thanks to an easier common understanding.


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